About us

About us

FANO began operations on 1 August 1985 as an offset printing house.
“We are a classic family company with 100% Polish capital.”
Vice President – Bolesław Jasinowicz

Initially, production focused on simple, single-color machines, but with time the company began to offer a wide range of services. Among these, the lead was taken by labels and packaging, as well as folders, commercial stationery, printing and packaging.

  • Folders
  • Commercial stationery
  • Printing
  • Packaging


It was after a year of operations that the company’s name was developed from the first letters of the Polish names of these areas (Foldery, Akcydensy, Nadruk, Opakowanie), followed by the logo, which is now a registered trademark.

In 1994, the print technology used by the company was changed from offset to flexography, and the first 6-colour printing machine, manufactured by one of the industry leaders, Nilpeter, was installed. In the following years, the production space was expanded, and the machine park became focused on the production of labels and packaging on rolls, while employment increased. Currently, FANO Sp. z o. o. includes a specialised Production Plant, a Graphics Department, a Sales Department, a Customer Care Department, a Manufacturing Department, a Quality Control Department, and an Accounting Department located in Targówek at ul. Łodygowa 30 in Warsaw.
Today, FANO Sp. z o. o. specialises in the production of the highest quality Self-Adhesive Labels, Sachet Laminates, Shrink Sleeves, and other films and packaging on rolls using HD FLEXO technology.
Production is based on modern, HD FLEXO row rollers with the possibility of finishing print with rotary screen printing, cold-stamping, embossing, lamination, adhesive-side printing and many other solutions which can be freely combined.
The Color-management system we have implemented guarantees print that meets the customer’s expectations. Printing involves digital proofing using an EPSON 4900 printer with a GMG system supported by an Ink Kitchen outfitted with Ink Formulation software and a spectrophotometer, and is monitored by 100% inspection.
We use high-quality verification devices for monitoring of barcodes.
The entire process is compliant with an implemented, certified, and continually improved ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, and our own quality control system.
To meet the growing expectations of our customers, there is a competent team of personnel waiting every day to assist with professional advice ad aid. A constant element of our development strategy is providing flexible and stable service at the highest level.