What Tigers like the best!
Our second speciality is labels for manufacturers of household cleaning products. These products, just as in the cosmetics industry, require the highest quality of print and additional finishing. Labels used on cleaning products are becoming as equally complex as the labels used in the cosmetics industry. High print quality is now a standard and the finishings used in the industry are no less advanced or complex. When selecting the materials for a label used in the household, often in difficult and damp conditions, it is important to remember what type of packaging the label will be applied to and account for this in the final finishing. Depending on the shape of the package, we select materials such as paper, and polypropylene or polyethylene film.

Chemical substances are often aggressive and can simply dissolve the adhesive or label, which is why we should ask ourselves whether a cheaper paper with varnish is going to be an adequate solution, or whether it is better or use a laminate or even film. The type of film depends on the shape of the bottle, the type of plastic, and the surface area to be covered. Depending on specific needs, either PE (polyethylene) film or PP (polypropylene) film should be used. We always select the most appropriate material, both in technological and in economic terms.

Nearly all surfaces allow for the use of cold-stamping, which gives the label a more interesting and exclusive appearance. Labels can be gloss or matte varnished or OPP laminated.

Available printing and decorating techniques:

  1. HD FLEXO printing
  2. Screen printing
  3. Laminating
  4. Gloss and matte varnishing
  5. Cold-stamping
  6. Embossing
  7. Holographic films
  8. Double-sided labels
  9. Inter-layer printing
  10. Printing on adhesive side and reverse
  11. Deactivation of adhesive
  12. Perforation
  13. Peel-off labels

We implement 100% inspection when printing, giving us a guarantee that every label meets the customer’s expectations.