We don’t cry over spilt milk!
The dairy industry, just like the meat industry, has a specific production cycle associated with low temperatures and greasy surfaces for adhesion. Typically, labels must be applied at quite low temperatures below 5° C, something which is impossible for standard acrylic adhesives. The adhesive used must have good initial adhesion properties and stick to even greasy surfaces. The use of high-quality paper with appropriately selected adhesives is a guarantee that the product will maintain an aesthetic appearance for a long time. The proper adhesive creates a barrier against grease on one side and protection of the print with UV varnish ensures that the quality of the print will be maintained even in damp conditions during long storage.

Apart from decorative labels, in this industry as in the meat industry, thermal labels dominate, and these must also meet extreme quality requirements due to the environments where they are to be applied.

Available printing and decorating techniques

  1. HD FLEXO printing
  2. Window varnishing
  3. Cold stamping – optional
  4. Embossing
  5. Double-sided labels
  6. Printing on adhesive side and reverse
  7. Deactivation of adhesive
  8. Perforation
  9. Peel-off labels

We implement 100% inspection when printing, giving us a guarantee that every label meets the customer’s expectations.