Always resistant to moisture!
Labels for the meat industry are some of the most demanding labels in terms of materials and technological parameters. The label is usually applied at low temperatures in damp and greasy environments, which is why we use reliable and tested adhesives which guarantee good adhesion in such conditions. We use self-adhesive bases and inks of the highest quality which guarantee both good adhesion and durability in difficult and changing conditions. We never apply half-measures, and only use materials of the highest quality.
Decorative labels
Nothing could be simpler!
Typically, products from the cured meats industry are packed in films whose surfaces are damp, wet, and often greasy. Changing temperatures during the production process, transport, and display can cause “dew” to arise on the packaging, meaning that the correct adhesive must be used. It must stick even to small and uneven surfaces. The next job for the label is to maintain a natural appearance to the very end of the product’s life. Only appropriately selected inks and UV varnishes can guarantee the resilience of the product during transport and display on shop shelves. All materials, inks and varnishes used by FANO have been tested and have obtained the proper certification.
We implement 100% inspection when printing, giving us a guarantee that every label meets the customer’s expectations.
Thermal labels
We’ve been experts for years!
The basic feature of this type of label is its thermal base which makes it possible to print variable data using scales and thermal printers such as Bizerba, Medesa, or Hobart. Variable data such as production dates, barcodes, best-before dates, ingredients, or weight must be printed on the label immediately before it is attached to a product which has just been produced, weighed, and packed. These labels are usually pre-printed and combine both a decorative and informational function. Only high-quality thermal bases and appropriately selected inks and varnishes resistant to high temperatures can guarantee the proper functioning of thermal printers, the working lifespan of the print head, and thus the proper conveyance of all the information on the label during storage, transport, and distribution. The use of inappropriate materials, inks or technologies in manufacturing thermal labels can shorten the lifespan of the print head or even damage it, which involves large costs. Bases from the Thermal TOP series are a guarantee that the print is adequately dark, that the lifespan of the printed information will be long, and that it will be able to handle even damp and greasy environments. We use exclusively high-quality materials from Avery Dennison and Raflatac.

Available printing and decorating techniques:

  1. HD FLEXO printing
  2. Gloss or matte varnishing
  3.  Embossing
  4. Double-sided labels
  5. Printing on adhesive side and reverse
  6. Deactivation of adhesive
  7. Perforation

We implement 100% inspection when printing, giving us a guarantee that every label meets the customer’s expectations.