We are one of the leading producers of sachet laminates in Poland!

Some of the most advanced products offered by FANO are laminates used in the production of sachets. We specialise in printing of laminates for liquids and powders. Sachets are manufactured on various types of sachet filling and sealing machines, and are used for portioning out regular amounts of cosmetics or food products. Sachets are also used in various types of promotions, as inserts in newspapers and magazines, or for retail sales in chemist’s and cosmetics shops, or for standard sales at the cosmetics departments of major retail sales outlets.
Depending on the size of the sachet, its contents, or the method of distribution and sales, we use appropriate 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-ply materials with different densities and sealing properties, composed of different layers of polyethylene, aluminium and polyester in various combinations as required by the customer and the product being packaged. We use only the best quality materials from tested and reliable suppliers such as Leipa, Safta, Unipaco, and Alupol.

Sachet printing is done with high-quality HD FLEXO technology with a line count of 200-250 lines per inch, using appropriate low-odour, low-migration inks. Printing can be done on package interiors, sealed with a UV finish, or with an OPP laminate interlayer of varying thicknesses, giving the sachet the desired level of stiffness.

Available printing and decorating techniques

  1. HD FLEXO printing
  2. Screen printing
  3. Laminating
  4. Gloss and matte varnishing
  5. Cold-stamping
  6. Holographic films
  7. Inter-layer printing