An outstanding solution for decorating products with irregular shapes!

Heat-shrinking SHRINK-SLEEVES are our third speciality! Shrink sleeves, thanks to their shrink reaction when heated, can be applied to nearly any package of any shape. We have a special sentiment for shrink-sleeves and are fascinated by their possibilities to decorate packaging with varied shapes. Every project is for us a new and exceptional inspiration, giving us a lot of satisfaction. This is because the sleeve is initially printed flat in reverse, and next is folded and sealed into a sleeve shape, and finally cut to usable size and/or perforated, or delivered in a roll. The final effect, however, can only been seen when the sleeve is applied to the package and shrunk in a heat tunnel. We are always thrilled to see the final effect, and every project brings us great joy. Thanks to HD FLEXO technology with a resolution of 200-250 lines per inch, we can guarantee the highest quality when compared with offset or rotogravure. For many years, we have specialised in High Definition print, which guarantees exceptional reproduction of photos as well as delicate tonal shifts. Sleeves make it possible to decorate packaging with irregular shapes on which standard labels or films cannot be applied. We offer “full body” sleeves which essentially cover the entire package, as well as protective seals which prevent the product from being tampered with.
Available printing and decorating techniques:
1. HD FLEXO printing
2. Screen printing
3. Gloss and matte varnishing
4. Cold-stamping
5. Holographic films
6. Perforation
We implement 100% inspection when printing, giving us a guarantee that every label meets the customer’s expectations.