It’s our speciality! 

The cosmetics industry is the most demanding in terms of quality requirements, as well as in terms of the variety of technologies, materials and finishes used. This industry has always been especially interesting for us, however in the first years of our operations it was beyond our reach, due to the lack of the appropriate advanced machinery suitable for creating complex labels. Our determination and investment in new installations combined with our years of experience in FLEXO printing today mean that we can create the most complex labels, which blend various printing techniques such as high-quality HD FLEXO, rotary screen printing, metallic applications and holographic films, matte ad gloss varnishes and lamination, all in one label made of any material with any adhesive. The only limit is our imagination and the ingenuity of the graphic designers creating new projects.

A unique effect for the product and very high quality requirements? 

NON LABEL LOOK labels are made on transparent PP films on a PET30 or PET 23 base, and ensure the highest quality of print while leaving the label itself practically invisible on the product. This makes it look as if the information has been printed directly on the packaging.

Available printing and decorating techniques

  1. HD FLEXO printing
  2. Screen printing
  3. Laminating
  4. Gloss and/or matte varnishing
  5. Cold-stamping
  6. Embossing
  7. Holographic films
  8. Double-sided labels
  9. Inter-layer printing
  10. Printing on adhesive side and reverse
  11. Deactivation of adhesive
  12. Perforation
  13. Peel-off labels

We implement 100% inspection when printing, giving us a guarantee that every label meets the customer’s expectations.