When you want to stand out!
The wide range of solutions in our offer means we can create different types of promotional labels. We have a base of more than 3000 ready templates, so we can adapt a ready model to the customers’ needs and put it into production in a short time. We can create very high-quality print on different types of materials using standard CMYK and PANTONE colour palettes or fluorescent inks. Our offer also includes fluorescent papers, SANDWICH-type double silicone bases, and Peel-off labels.
SANDWICH labels make it possible to include a large amount of text in the same space, thanks to the use of a special base. They are two-layer labels made from doubled paper or film. This makes it possible to divide the label into separate functional areas. The surface layer is usually printed in colour and includes promotional slogans, while the lower layer is intended for things such as contest regulations, detailed instructions, or different language versions. The removable layer can also be used as a rebate coupon and attached in another place. This is an excellent solution when various language versions are required. Additionally, these labels can be perforated.

Available printing and decorating techniques:

  1. HD FLEXO printing
  2. Screen printing
  3. Laminating
  4. Gloss and matte varnishing
  5. Cold-stamping
  6. Embossing
  7. Holographic films
  8. Double-sided labels
  9. Inter-layer printing
  10. Printing on adhesive side and reverse
  11. Deactivation of adhesive
  12. Perforation

We implement 100% inspection when printing, giving us a guarantee that every label meets the customer’s expectations.